Did RDMS technology become easy?
Lack of medical optimization in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis patients is a cause for concern as it leads to life-threatening complications. Various studies have shown that poor adherence to fluid and blood pressure management increases the risk of complications in CKD patients. Complications include chronic anemia, brain dysfunction, congestive heart failure, decreased function of white blood cells, excessive bleeding, infections, weakness of bones and pulmonary complications. The cost associated with multiple ED visits and Hospitalization is staggering and unnecessary.
Mortality and morbidity rates for individuals with CKD remain high because of medical nonadherence and suboptimal vitals monitoring vigilance leading to increased morbidity and death from build-up of fluids and waste products in the body.
Various impediments for remote monitoring of essential vitals include a patient’s ability, affordability, and access to technology including wifi router or bluetooth connection, smart phone availability, and easy to use advanced patient engagement connectivity.
Our proprietary Remote Dialysis Patient Monitoring System works through capture of universally available signals through robustremote connectivity with no effort or involvement from the patient. Remotely acquired data is integrated and analyzed through our rule based algorithm to predict and identify patients who are at risk for CKD or dialysis related complications.
Remote Patient Vitals
Accurate, simple, real-time remote vitals monitoring
Timely Alerts
Clinician customizable automatic alert notifications
Improve Patient Experience
Cloud based patient education and engagement
Kidney Track
We identify patients through our proprietary RDM system before life threatening complications, including heart failure and pulmonary complications, occur.
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Simplicity, Reliability and Scalability with minimal configuration for clinics, hospital systems and ACO’s.
RDMS technology allows forReal Time intervention to minimize unnecessary emergency clinic visits and hospitalizationsthereby saving millions of healthcare dollars for insurance companies and enhancing revenue generating dialysis services.
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Integrated HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform:
Simple, easy to use video chat
Cloud based vitals monitoring that works globally. NObluetooth, NO Wi-Fi, NO internet connection needed!
Superior cloud technology
The ultra portable devices allow the patient to carry it anywhere. The data is captured immediately on our servers
Accurate and Timely Alert System
Continuous network monitoring and a resposive system to alert the Physician of possible kidney failures
Mobile Systems
Complimentary mobile based solutions for alerting health care staff on the move.
24/7 Network Monitoring
A round the clock network monitoring staff with a top class support team available on call